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 on: August 28, 2013, 11:12:21 AM 
Started by Kilmanagh - Last post by Sunstrings
thanks llie (umm.. actually let your hands turn into gold x) for being kind ), exactly what i was looking for;
still hoping
..or / or if helpbot admin could include the ll_Raffle plugin maybe even if helpbot isnt a raidbot (eliminates need to run or flatroll my private/public raid bot, so far i notice how C# or PHP bot is set in default like orgbot)
..or / or if someone can make guide("dummy") me more bout the mysql (there might be alternative ways..) since i installed it and there is an installer that includes all these tool like db;server;workbench etc..  so i open up workbench and didnt understand it well what i need to do from there alrigthy im in root.. i see link for generating somekind schema.. oh well lost myself i have a xampp installed to and from phpMyAdmin u can also manage or do db'sses uggh it seems  bit diffrent too where do i have option for manage schema / why i need select collation, firstly, how possible can i safely add new users so it wont mess like xampp/config/setup.. whats about connectin part something like localhost@urdb... i want to know if i make a db where is it actually stored and if it can be migrated anywhere on localhosts folders or disk drive.

 on: August 26, 2013, 04:22:53 AM 
Started by Kilmanagh - Last post by Llie
Kilmanagh's instructions are very straight forward.  The username and password is for a user within mysql that you create.  All those settings are within mysql.  When you created the user, you must have granted it permission to access the database and tables via sockets.

Alternatively, I have a raffle plug-in that does not require raid core:


 on: August 07, 2013, 12:28:04 PM 
Started by Kilmanagh - Last post by Sunstrings
i am trying to get load !raid raffle plugin..no success
werent there a post somwhere about !custom raffle that doesnt need mysql (unless it is ll_rollraffle)
im stuck at how do i configure or reconfigure db settings using the user/pass you created. u mean do u have to edit the plugin or, cuz i didnt find any files specific for raid config if similar to bot first time config?
i tried skipping connecting mysql with root and doing that user pass schema part but when clicking test connect in workbech it say not connected to mysql... has there been a newer version or redesign of oracle sql tool?

from observing plugin i can see there seems u need to edit something here but what exactly or it
isnt ment to be edited cuz it breaks plugin somehow? i dont understand sql much..
how does hostname or port need to be set? And i was thinking if i can set a bot somehow with config to add another user/bot that isnt a guildbot and does not require member access i mean a raidbot that can get any guest to join?

public override void OnLoad(BotShell bot)
            this._bot = bot;
            bot.Configuration.Register(ConfigType.String, this.InternalName, "user", "MySql User", "root");
            bot.Configuration.Register(ConfigType.Password, this.InternalName, "password", "MySql Password", "");
            bot.Configuration.Register(ConfigType.String, this.InternalName, "host", "MySql Host", "localhost");
            bot.Configuration.Register(ConfigType.Integer, this.InternalName, "port", "MySql Port", 3306);
            bot.Configuration.Register(ConfigType.String, this.InternalName, "database", "MySql Database", bot.Character.ToLower());
            bot.Events.ConfigurationChangedEvent += new ConfigurationChangedHandler(Events_ConfigurationChangedEvent);

u mind redoing this raid core load guide this time by adding some images that explains the details?

 on: July 22, 2013, 01:44:15 PM 
Started by Sunstrings - Last post by Sunstrings
Do you know who is admin of helpbot atm?
b-cause helpbot needs to include some plugin for teams and looting
recently i tested joining on bot private channel and i was surprised
b-cause i notice raid core is off and raffle option also off.
only !roll that there is on helpbot
is for !flip and give a random num from 1 to x..
..so alternatively
i see that lately noone is using aofroobs(people r now on froobchat; btw similar bot) channel so
i borrow this bot and test their !raffle count item, but there is also !loot or !multiloot instead..
..to bad its been disabled by admin (have not test this !multiloot on froobchat so far)
i did also go get vRoll program (did not test it yet too)

now how to decide whats a best way for rolling loot these days?

1. with flipacoin and 1 to 6 dice maybe (somethin' tell me ..long way to do it)
2. with raffle
3. with flatroll -!loot (all at once)
4. vRoll (umm does third party app have !verify)
5. other tool?

To remind helpbot admin on Rubi-ka..(also bebots) maybe destroy !raffle lottery
and simply add !multiloot roll...?
or are there possible coding differences like raffle which rolls something 1000 times
or like in java coding i use Math.random() alot, but there are other methods to also mention ...
i have been wondering it which one really does make a good random number or is not repeating it if call again,
any good examples? sure possible it can be customized function()..(erm how do other game devs add !dropchance %... cuz not see sample)

gosh..but funny..imo.. first i need bot to help me decide what to randomize it between 1. flipcoin ..to.. 4.vroll
then randomize a bot(best if public known) again.. then select choice how many items i want to go among team and
if how many among FFA looter non-team, and at last !do-lottery finally...share ur opinions, how todoit?


Umm, please make me a list of public bots that can do it: team/raid roll looting?

any raidbot specific(all levels or no limits, and not disable functions)

 on: July 17, 2013, 02:40:01 PM 
Started by Sunstrings - Last post by Llie
any simple way to dump .gifs from auno
(what a nitemare)

No.  You could probably try to get icon ids from the database yourself using a database parser, but most of them are broken in some way.

any similar files to this one in link?

Not that I know of, but that one seems to have all the GUI elements in it.  I don't think there many others if any.

 on: July 15, 2013, 04:43:48 PM 
Started by Sunstrings - Last post by Sunstrings
any simple way to dump .gifs from auno
(what a nitemare)

how can i add/upload my own attachment on this forum im getting error not writable dir


any similar files to this one in link?

 on: July 10, 2013, 04:13:16 AM 
Started by Sunstrings - Last post by Llie
Simply go to xyphos or auno.

Look up the item you want.

Right click on the picture and select "View Image" (at least that's what it is in Firefox -- don't know about other browsers).

Look at the URL.  It will be something like: http://auno.org/res/aoicons/21142.gif

The number before the .gif is the icon number.

 on: July 09, 2013, 04:47:59 PM 
Started by Llie - Last post by veremit
Should be fix'or'd now.

 on: July 08, 2013, 10:52:19 AM 
Started by Sunstrings - Last post by Sunstrings
Ask programmers if you somehow have a back up of
tdb or a rdb images .htm to use for scripts or also locally stored ids for creating <itemrefs..> ids with or without images...
http://dump.vhabion.net/aoimages/ 404 error
http://dump.vhabion.net/ just some other stuff
http://anarchyonline.wikia.com/wiki/Scripts also i been seeing if here...
http://www.zoef-design.be/ao/ has anyone a backup of this

any other guides u can suggest when scripting a /showfile panels.htm ...

what can i do to test my scriptz or custom bot plugins when offline from ao (maybe nature, miles away from nearest internet cable..)?

 on: June 26, 2013, 12:58:58 AM 
Started by Llie - Last post by Llie
Yeah, I don't have a "New Topic" button when I visit the Releases subforum.

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