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Topic: Is there a way???  (Read 1396 times)
« on: March 02, 2008, 07:27:03 PM »

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 I have had a request by a org mate to see if there is any way for a !lca command?
!lca=Land Control Area.

He said that is's very useful from some other bot (that he didn't happen to metion). I'll drill him some more to find out the bot and what it did...

Edit: Ok, the Bot is a public Tower wars bot names "Gimpybot" The Actual Command is "!lc <name of Area you want info on>" When you sent it a "!lc Tir County" it return:

Tir County Land Control Regions

Great W. Forest Vein
- Range: 10-15
- Coords: 460x1300
- Hugemap: 1
- Enabled: Yes
- Side: Clan

The Hidden Notum Canal
- Range: 10-15
- Coords: 2940x980
- Hugemap: 2
- Enabled: Yes
- Side: Clan

Mountain Areas
- Range: 20-30
- Coords: 3220x620
- Hugemap: 3
- Enabled: No

Great W. Forest Dorsal
- Range: 10-15
- Coords: 580x580
- Hugemap: 4
- Enabled: Yes
- Side: Clan

Western Mountain Areas
- Range: 10-15
- Coords: 1500x460
- Hugemap: 5
- Enabled: Yes
- Side: Clan

hehe, I'm a good lil sluth... lol Is there any way to get a Plugin like this for Vhabot?? Huh
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