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Topic: some commands I would love to see  (Read 1500 times)
« on: March 15, 2008, 02:37:35 AM »

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!buffs, very simply a plugin that has a list of the common buffs (nano only) that are out there for when your wracking your brain on twinking. Budabot has a module like this that my org loved

!bossloot and !boss, a plugin that will list what boss drops and item or what items a boss drops. simular to the AIgen mod but for RK and SL bosses. yes budabot had this mod

!nano, a realy cool plugin that will list where nanos can be found what QL they are and a hot link to them. so that when looking at your loot of nano IDs you can ditch the ones that are store buyable and keep the mish or dyna loot only ones without haveing to rely on a website again budabot has this mod

also the !c command in raidmode able to be in the org chat not just the private chann so that an anouncement of city raids or something like that can be made

those are the only ones i can think of that would just be a cherry on top of this increadable bot. thanks so much for your great forum and easy install and use of this bot
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