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Topic: Vhabot sugestion  (Read 1360 times)
« on: April 13, 2008, 07:31:49 AM »

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Hello everyone, i been looking threw the forums and can't seem to find this one function i would love so badly for our VHABOT raidbot. I don't think it is 2 hard but as i have 0 knowladge about scripting i can't even slightly guess Smiley

!loot function

As we don't like a point raiding system we would like to have a !loot function. I am shure everyone has seen them
!loot add [[ ITEM 1 ]]
[[ ITEM 1 ]] has been added in slot 1
!loot add [[ ITEM 2 ]]
[[ ITEM 2 ]] has been added in slot 2

!bid 1
You are bidding for [[ ITEM 1 ]]
!bid 2
You are bidding for [[ ITEM 2 ]]

it doesn't require points and it makes the raid go faster than bidding for 1 item and waiting 30 seconds Smiley
If anyone happens 2 have a plugin like this feel free 2 share it with me, much appreciated.
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