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Topic: !bank (In org individual listings of items they can give to members)  (Read 1251 times)
« on: January 18, 2010, 07:24:42 AM »

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The ability to have the bot remember items you put in your "Lend - Give - Bank"

!bank add <bagname> <item> <Lend Give Sale> <Quantity>
Like !bank add Bag1, Hold Hell at Bay, S, 1   (Would post into my bank a hhab for sale)
!bank remove <bagname> <item> <Quantity>
!bank loan <membername> <item> <Quantity> (Track who has loan items)
!bank loans (A list of who has loans when it was loaned and what items?)
!bank remove <name or member> (A posible admin command to deleate banks from non members?)

!bank <itemname> will search all members "Banks" and report a list if any found with Who has it in what bag if it’s a Sale item, loan or give and a click link of the item so they can look at its stats etc.
Or the members can search a person’s bank by !bank <membername> as a optional search ability?

Members can then do a !alts <Name> in org to get name of main toons and send a tell to them requesting item.
So it’s up to the user of the bank system to track his loans and or just give items to members free/sold etc. And do the !bank remove command to adjust there items accordingly.

there is a similar bank function on anther bot BUT the bot will not dump the items out of its database if the members leave the org causing searches from members to turn up items no longer accessible. So could the bot recognize the item belongs to "Member1" and if "Member1" is still a member or not thus not display the info if they are not a member?

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