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Topic: Make a Plugin from a Script  (Read 1304 times)
« on: August 30, 2011, 01:33:32 AM »

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I would like to make a script into a plugin but sadly I have no clue how to make a plugin, I only know how to fix or adjust ones that are already made but I have not a clue on how to start one.   Sad
This is the script I'm trying to get made:

AI Farm Wave

/o <font color="#EC008C">CC Disabled. Take a seat for level 1 hackers </font>
/delay 300000
/o <font color="#EC008C">First Wave INC </font>
/delay 170000
/o <font color="#EC008C">Second Wave INC </font>
/delay 115000
/o <font color="#EC008C">Third Wave INC </font>
/delay 117000
/o <font color="#EC008C">Fourth Wave INC </font>
/delay 115000
/o <font color="#EC008C">Fifth Wave INC </font>
/delay 115000
/o <font color="#EC008C">Sixth Wave INC </font>
/delay 115000
/o <font color="#EC008C">Seventh Wave INC </font>
/delay 115000
/o <font color="#EC008C">Eigth Wave INC </font>
/delay 45000
/o <font color="#EC008C">Cross ur fingers for Cha </font>
/o <font color="#EC008C">Ass in city NOW </font>
/delay 70000
/o <font color="#EC008C">General INC </font>
/o <font color="#EC008C">Good Luck </font>

as you can tell that I have adjusted it to go to org chat instead of team chat, for those of you who know where I have found this script from.
Please Help me out if you guys can

Thank You
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