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Topic: Plugins that use XML files  (Read 1605 times)
« on: September 25, 2011, 10:28:08 PM »
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Since Vhab took down the XML files from the tools.vhabot.net site, some people are experiencing difficulties with plugins that rely on those files.  The previous versions of the plugins seem to download the XML files every time the plugin is loaded.  In some cases, I think the attempt to download is indiscriminate of whether the source URL is still there, so some people are seeing their existing XML files getting wiped out with an empty file due the file being gone.

I've cobbled together what I think is a good solution, which checks my branch of the Vhabot source repository to see if the XML file is "out of date" (ie. a version hash that is different from the current one in the repository) and it will download it from the bitbucket web site.  The version string is stored in yet another XML file in the data directory named "version.xml" of course since nobody has that file upon using my new plugins, then all the XML files will get downloaded for the sake of creating a "version.xml" file with the current version hash.

To download one of my new plugins you can go to my fork of the repository: https://bitbucket.org/Llie/llie_vhabot_plugins

You can download individual plugins by browsing to the source file of the plugin and selecting "raw".  For the new auto-update feature to work, you will also need to download the Updater.cs file from the Plugins.Default directory.  Here's a list of plugins affected (linked to direct download of the source files):

Updater.cs (REQUIRED!)

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