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Topic: VhaBot post Server Merge  (Read 1721 times)
« on: March 07, 2013, 08:20:14 AM »
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Just wanted to clarify what's what with VhaBot.


Vhab released a fix for the main VhaBot and bumped the version number to 0.7.10. 

Aside from supporting the new server, there are not other enhancements to this version of the bot.


Kilmanagh actually has two versions of the bot that he is actively developing.  One version he is calling "VhaBot Classic", which he has bumped to version 0.8.1.  This version supports the new server.

Besides supporting the new server he has made tons of changes to the bot itself and incorporated several of my plug-ins.  This version of the bot deals with many of the "dead third-party services".  On top of that he has many more plug-ins.  This bot includes plugins for LE procs, DOJA chips, and more.

Kilmanagh also has a yet-unreleased "Next Generation" version of VhaBot.  That one will also support the new server with tons of new features.  I don't know too much more about this version.  But people should be aware of it and understand that it's fundamentally different from all the other VhaBots when it gets released.  It might be mostly backwards compatible with most of the current VhaBot plug-ins, but "Next Generation" VhaBot plug-ins won't work on the other branches of VhaBot.


Then there's my branch off the VhaBot tree, "Llie's Edition".  My 0.7.11_LE release supports the new server.  I've remoced any references to server names, server IDs, ports or addresses from my version of the Bot and AoLib.  My version of the bot reads it all from an XML file.  As such any of my plug-ins that depends on the Server enumeration no longer work in other versions of VhaBot (most notably the XML Services plug-in, which answers the !whois and !org commands).

I've made a few small bug fixes to my core, and I've tried to pull as many fixes as I could from Kilmanagh "VhaBot Classic" branch as I could.  The bulk of the changes in my branch have been made to the plug-ins.  Some have been incorporated into Kilmanagh's "VhaBot Classic", but there are a few other plug-ins too.
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