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Topic: admin of helpbot? !loot + !roll commands?  (Read 1331 times)
« on: July 22, 2013, 01:44:15 PM »

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Do you know who is admin of helpbot atm?
b-cause helpbot needs to include some plugin for teams and looting
recently i tested joining on bot private channel and i was surprised
b-cause i notice raid core is off and raffle option also off.
only !roll that there is on helpbot
is for !flip and give a random num from 1 to x..
..so alternatively
i see that lately noone is using aofroobs(people r now on froobchat; btw similar bot) channel so
i borrow this bot and test their !raffle count item, but there is also !loot or !multiloot instead..
..to bad its been disabled by admin (have not test this !multiloot on froobchat so far)
i did also go get vRoll program (did not test it yet too)

now how to decide whats a best way for rolling loot these days?

1. with flipacoin and 1 to 6 dice maybe (somethin' tell me ..long way to do it)
2. with raffle
3. with flatroll -!loot (all at once)
4. vRoll (umm does third party app have !verify)
5. other tool?

To remind helpbot admin on Rubi-ka..(also bebots) maybe destroy !raffle lottery
and simply add !multiloot roll...?
or are there possible coding differences like raffle which rolls something 1000 times
or like in java coding i use Math.random() alot, but there are other methods to also mention ...
i have been wondering it which one really does make a good random number or is not repeating it if call again,
any good examples? sure possible it can be customized function()..(erm how do other game devs add !dropchance %... cuz not see sample)

gosh..but funny..imo.. first i need bot to help me decide what to randomize it between 1. flipcoin ..to.. 4.vroll
then randomize a bot(best if public known) again.. then select choice how many items i want to go among team and
if how many among FFA looter non-team, and at last !do-lottery finally...share ur opinions, how todoit?


Umm, please make me a list of public bots that can do it: team/raid roll looting?

any raidbot specific(all levels or no limits, and not disable functions)
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